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$9 Million Motor Vehicle Collision
$5.2 Million Traumatic Brain Injury
$4.7 Million Anesthesia Error
$4.5 Million Spinal Cord Injury
$2.7 Million Workers' Compensation
$2 Million Truck Accident

By :Douglas A. Petho

If you speak to any attorney in North Carolina who handles  personal injury claims  they will tell you that settling claims with liability insurance companies has become much more difficult than in years past.  There are a variety of reasons why insurance companies are becoming more unreasonable and offering less to settle claims. As a result,  more claimants are being forced into litigation to seek fair compensation. There are a number of reasons for this trend.

Being called upon to give a deposition either as a witness or party can be  a nerve-racking experience. Here are 10 tips from our experienced attorneys to help you prepare:

1. Listen to the question- Take your time. Make sure you understand before you answer. If there is any part of the question do not understand, say so.

2. Answer the question – Not some other question, just the question you are asked. Say no more than is necessary to answer the question. Do not volunteer extra information or explanations.

By :Douglas A. Petho

If you have been injured at work your employer or health insurance company may have advised you to seek benefits under North Carolina workers compensation. If you have never had to file a claim before, you may be confused as to what workers compensation is, what benefits you are entitled to.

Entire books have been written on all the intricacies and nuances involved in pursuing workers compensation claims. My purpose here is to merely provide a simple understanding of the system.

By :Douglas A. Petho

Medical payments coverage or “med pay” as it is often referred to, is an optional form of insurance that may be purchased in connection with an automobile liability insurance policy. Under this coverage, the insurer agrees to pay all reasonable expenses incurred for necessary medical and funeral services because of bodily injury caused by accident and sustained by an insured.

Expenses are considered “reasonable” only if they are consistent with the usual fees charged by the majority of a similar medical provider in the geographical area in which the expenses were incurred.

By :Douglas A. Petho

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a serious public health problem. Each year, traumatic brain injuries contribute to a substantial number of deaths and cases of permanent disability. Despite being often overlooked or undiagnosed, on average, approximately 1.7 million people are diagnosed as suffering a traumatic brain injury each year.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

By :Douglas A. Petho

If you’ve been involved in serious accident, hiring an attorney to assist in making sure that all medical bills, lost wages, property damages in pain and suffering are fairly compensated is smart decision. However, many people are concerned about the cost of obtaining this help.

Personal injury cases are handled on a “contingency fee”. This means that the amount that is paid is contingent on the accident attorneys ability to get money on your behalf from either the person responsible for the accident or his or her insurance company. If there is no recovery either by settlement or trial, then you pay no legal fees.

By :Douglas A. Petho

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, trucking accident or any other accident involving serious injuries, you will soon be facing many issues that you may never have had to deal with prior to this unexpected event. Questions about who will be responsible for medical expenses, lost wages property damage will need to be addressed. Tackling these issues can be daunting and mistakes can affect the amount of compensation that is ultimately collected.

Let us help you with your accident claim

By :Douglas A. Petho

Medical payments coverage is optional coverage which provides certain protection to insureds under a policy who are injured in an automobile accident. It is designed to provide reimbursement of medical expenses up to the policy limits purchased. Common coverage amounts can be as little as $500 and as much as $1 million.

Unlike a liability claim for negligence, medical payments coverage does not require a finding of fault or negligence on the part of a particular driver.